BRTC (DFLK Inc) is an abbreviation for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic and is a skincare solutions company focusing on botanical ingredients made from highly specialized complexes from plant, fruit and seed extracts.BRTC expands in over 6 countries and now for the first time is introduced to U.S. and Canadian market in the form that is compliant with FDA and Health. Unlike today's skincare market that is ladened with many chemicals, BRTC optimizes highly specialized ingredients that soothe, soften and supplement the skin.Currently there are 9 patents filed to protect BRTC's products. Unique combination of these complexes are used to form the multiple lines of products that are in market today ranging from blemish care, cover care, peeling and moisturizing and are safety certified through independent clinical research.Our goal is to help in skincare problems such as acne, wrinkle, blemish, pore enlargement, blackheads, dry damaged and aged skin.We are also the leaders and on of the main founding companies that started the b.b cream craze. An all in 1, multi-functional skincare solution that is a concealer, moisturizer, lightener, toner, blemish reducer, wrinkle reducer, and spf. (All in 1) Currently BRTC carries 3 different types of bb creams.