Bagreen Commodity Manufacturer

Introduction of us
Bagreen has 10 years of experience in foreign trade, we are a manufacturer locate in the South China-Guangdong Province ,we focus on the production of a variety of handbags and conducts business worldwide.Our success is driven by our people and their prepare commitment to the get results the right way:by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Our Work
We are specialized in producing all kinds of handbags,
cosmetic bag and toiletery bag for ladies
travel bag and beach bag for the vacation
briefcase and conference bag for business
laptop bag and tablet case for the digital products
cool bag,shopping bag and garment bag for home life

Social Responsibility
Our company has implemented an internal system which ensures our workers are protected and can enjoy a comfortable and safe working environment. Our factory does not hire child labor, young labor or forced labor. We provide a non discriminatory environment based on race, religion, disability, gender or age. We take adequate and precautious plans to prevent accidents and injury to health of our workers.

We're Green!
As part of manufacturing community, we believe the growth of the business doesn't have to sacrifice our environment and we have to provide a sustainable environment for our planet. Innovations have to be in harmony with nature and ensure the survival of mankind. Our materials are AZO free, No dioxin, heavy metals or phthalate pollution, No Ozone depleting substances, No dye dispersal, and Compliance with the latest American and EU regulation such as CE,ROHS,ASTM and other international certification, safe and reliable.