<Company Introduction (Overview)>"By Achieving Global Competitiveness,We will become the world's best techonological company"We, BMT Co., Ltd. are high precision mechanical components manufacturer specialized in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor and Petrochemical industries since its foundation in 1988.We have been successfully nominated as n official Supplier and Manufacturer of Tube Fitting & Valves by the big companies because of our superior quality and it was a landmark fr BMT to be evaluated for its high technology at the related industries.We also entered into the Electric Enterprise that will make BMT grow up in the future and created MCPD (Molded Case Power Distributor) that is a world unique model in Power Distribution Devices.We registered a patent and a design of MCPD in Korea and have submitted international patent applications in many countries.We have held several patents and new devices of our products as the Important Intellectual Property of BMT.BMT's key capabilities are Techonology, Know-how accumulated for a long experience affiliated upon CEO who is an engineering graduate, High Productivity with modernization & automation and consistent High quality by strict quality control system.Our mission is to supply our products, SUPERLOK, with high quality and high reliability to our customers through continuous through continuous R&D investment and strong quality control system.and make our SUPERLOK, to be the World Best.We, BMT Co., Ltd. promise to company that will satisfy expectations and deliver happiness to you.<Company Information>CEO & President : Jong-Chan YoonEstablishment Date : 01.Feb.1988Web URL : www.superlok.comAddress : 21-1, Bukjeong-dong Yangsan-si Gyeongsangnam-do, KoreaTel : +82-55-783-1000 Fax : +82-55-783-1111Main Products :*Intstumentation and Process Fitting and Valve*Pipe Thread and Forged Fitting*High Pressure Fitting and Valve*DBB (up to 3'') and Flange-Type Ball Valve (up to 12'')*Intergral Power Distributor (MCPD) and Distribution Board