Our operations have been continuing for 5 (five) years with the purpose of providing you better and higher quality services with our BALITECH brand products of which we are importers. Our company, which used to be retailer for 20 (twenty) years previously, being aware of Problems in the security sector, introduced solutions to problems of Term in our sector with out specialised and experienced cadre. We also highly request you to contact our company for your special purchases. Though our products bear BALITECH logo, we are able to dispatch products with no name or logo for the companies who so desire. We would like to state that our products are under 5 (five) years of warranty and wish you success in your works. Our Mission; To raise customer satisfaction and product acceptance to the highest level by being open to innovations and looking at events from a wider perspective, to become a leading company maintaining customer focused development with out quality services in the Security sector. Our Vision; To be customer focused, to maintain leadership in the field of activity, to provide quality, honesty and stability. Meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers with services of better quality is our basic aim. We believe in professional and effective team work. We aim at rendering honest, rapid and quality service. We act in conformity with ethical rules. We portray maximum effort and work as a team to raise customer satisfaction to the highest level.