Apple Vista Limited is a group company which has 3 factories under control, with all factories located in the most renowned city in China. Our main products include zirconia ceramic wire drawing capstans,tungsten carbide cone pulley,Ceramic materials, Ceramic coating,piezoelectric ceramics,piezoelectric effect,piezoelectric sensor,multilayer ceramic,piezoelectric crystal,piezo Ceramic,piezoceramic,piezoelectric actuator,piezoelectric sensors,Car parking sensor system,piezoelectric ceramics and so on. Apple Vista Limited has strong development ability for new products. We have own designers and tooling making factory as a strong back-up for several factories under control. We are absolutely qualified for OEM or ODM orders from our customers. We just need a sample, or even just an idea, then we can make your ideas into real products in rational time. Our various products make one-stop source easier for customers to mix different items into one container, which will make customers save purchasing cost quite a lot. Meanwhile, it is also very easy for customers to arrange payment to make inspection. Apple Vista Limited has strong R&D team, which always keeps us stand at the most fashionable trend in this field, hence it will benefit customers to compete in their own markets. Most of our products are with CE and FCC approvals, and all procedures are strictly complied with international standards and rules. Currently produced by main products are: Piezoelectric ceramic materials and components Piezoelectric ceramic materials, including resonator KHZ / frequency discriminator / combination filter with piezoelectric materials, shear modulus piezoelectric materials used in high-frequency resonators, high-power ultrasonic piezoelectric materials,electro-acoustic transducer of piezoelectric material, widely used frequency components in the piezoelectric ultrasonic generator and the machine, electro-acoustic conversion device, etc.; piezoelectric devices including frequency KHZ / MHZ (shear modulus) Resonators, KHZ frequency discriminator / five-side filter / FM AM, such as using high-grade filter is widely used in remote controls, computers, children's toys, radios, telephones, USB, audio-visual systems; Structural Ceramics Series Our main products are wear-resistant ceramic cable round, ceramic knives, ceramic plunger, ceramic nozzle, ceramic ball valve, ceramic ball, ceramic seal ring and a variety of special-shaped pieces of pottery, widely used in wire and cable, machine building, metallurgical chemical, textile and chemical fiber, aerospace, paper, and many other fields of environmental protection; Parking assistance system The main products include voice C1000BY radar the whole paragraph, C1500/2000 EB crescent digital radar displays, C000C LCD radar, applied to a variety of car models xinhuanet. In the products of these three key areas of investment and improvement, from the preparation of ceramic materials to self-end products, respectively, equipped with the most advanced domestic equipment, instrumentation and testing to establish a complete quality system, with a large number of theory and practice professionals in both team and all were created to maximize the cost-effective products, and carefully to each client to create their unique value; Our policy: To Create value for Our Customers. and we will cooperate closely with our partners around the world to establish a worldwide sales network. Join Apple Vista Limited today. share happiness now! The Same Product - We Have Price The Same Price - We Have Quality The Same Quality - We Have Service