Agri Seafoods Corp

We are one of leading export & manufacture company, Agri Seafoods Corp in Vietnam, specializing in frozen, fresh seafood products: baby octopus, shrimp (black tiger) , squid, crab, pangasius fillet, clam, tuna, oilfish, skipjack. . . Being at competitive prices in origin, best quality, stable quantity, reasonable moisture content & no chemical factors. We emphasize that our seafood products are caught and processed to meet the strictest standards-HACCP, ISO 9001-2000, EU Code & legitimate export certificate is suitable for several markets in the world. Let us know your request and opinion when you demand any of our products or need more information. We will immediately send back photos, samples, prices including terms & conditions, delivery, payment, quantity, specification, . . . We look forward to cooperate as a potential partner of yours in the future.