A globally recognized company producing Native & chemical starches, glucose, etc. for various industrial applications An Introduction: With a dream to make the lives of people happy and easy, our company was established in the year 1939 as The Anil Starch Products Limited. This company was subsequently spun off into two companies, Anil Products Limited and Anil Biochem Limited. We Anil Products Limited today are recognized as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products which finds application in various industries. Anil Products Limited is a part of the Anil Group of companies. To cater to the diverse needs of various industries, we have our sister concerns who are catering to the Textile, Pharma, Paper, Feed, Chemical industry and other related sectors. Our group concerns comprise of the following: Anil Biochem Ltd. Anil Commodities Ltd. Anil Nutrients Ltd.Anil TechnoplusAnil Hospitality Ventures The products we offer include : Native Starch (Corn Starch) Food Grade StarchPharma Grade StarchModified StarchLiquid Glucose (Corn Syrup) High Maltose Corn SyrupDextrinsDextrose MonohydrateGlucose AnhydrousEnzyme (Paper/Textile/Food)Corn Gluten Meal, etc. The starches and other products are made from high grade quality of raw materials and are used in Textile, Paper, Food, Pharma and many other allied industries. We are well equipped to operate a business in today's competitive market, right from a strong infrastructural setup, research and development team, to a robust supply chain and customer care department. With the globalization taking place, we have spread our presence around the world. In order to make our business proactive and capable of sustaining the stiff competition, we have updated the technology in every sphere of our business. Our ERP implementation has helped us with efficient logistics and customer service. Anil Products also has a talented human resource team, which is the key to its success. We cater to the varying demands of different industries, so maintaining the quality of the products that we manufacture is of utmost importance to us. We have earned immense reputation among our clients for providing them with good quality products and services. For this, we have a separate Quality Assurance department called the QAD. The QAD plays an important role to have a product right first time as per the requirements of the customers. Each and every production department has an in-house laboratory to control processes online. These laboratories work independently and the advantage of establishing these laboratories within the plant is that it allows an effective communication between the QAD and process control personnel. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are also checked and verified. We have also implemented various quality control techniques like Kaizen, TQM, 5S to enhance the overall quality. InfrastructureWe have a State of the art manufacturing facility with all the modern machines and equipments to carry out smooth production. We are the first Starch manufacturer in India to implement SAP, - ERP system for better controls and decision making. We have a well equipped R& D centre, recognized by the DSIR, Government of India, which works on new product development, application development, process modification and cost reduction.