AirQua International Private Limited

AirQua International Private Limited, a Singapore-incorporated wholly-owned subsidiary of AridTec Pte Ltd, was formed for the express purpose of marketing distributing quality water solutions-the AirQua AirWater Maker.

Clean drinking water is one of the world's most valuable commodities and is becoming increasingly scarce. Reports from around the country and the world continue to confirm the deterioration of our water supply. Many of the treatment methods for water deal only with the "aesthetic" qualities of the water, taste, clarity and are not effective in the microbial purification of the water, which is a major contributor of contamination.

Despite widespread water pollution, drought and sometimes poor water management, there is an abundance of water around us-in the air we breathe. The patent pending AirQua technologies allows its solutions to extract pure water from the air at an economical cost.

We have small SOHO appliances to the largest full size AWG (Air Water Generation) solutions available. Using any conventional electricity source, solar cells or power generators, we are able to deploy our AirQua units anywhere in the world. With our Air Water Generation system and the atmosphere we can provide high quality clean healthy water in abundance wherever whenever.

Advanced technologies in several fields have converged to make these products available and we are very excited at the opportunity to introduce them to you. AirQua International is a proud member of the following organisations:

-Water Quality Association-International Water Association

-Energy Star Partner

Our commitment to the stakeholders is to provide quality water at the most environmental friendly level.