Anhui Green Plant Fiber Production Co., Ltd.

Anhui Green Plant Fiber Production Co., Ltd. is located in Daxing Town, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. As an environmentally-friendly company, we always insist on the mission of "Green and Eco-friendly" and our conception is "Reform and Innovation". We mainly produce natural plant fiber products which meet the international environmentally-friendly standards by the use of unique patent technology and material of natural plant fiber. We have developed five series of products such as flower pots, tableware, home supplies, pet products and handicrafts, which have passed the test of the relational authoritative departments, such as SGS and FDA. The annual output is up to 20 million pieces. The material of our products is made of natural plant fiber, such as bamboo powder, rice hulls and crop stalks. All of our products are molded by forming machines at high temperature. There are main features of our products: 1. They are nonpoisonous and tasteless. 2. They can be easily degraded after being buried into the soil. 3. The appearance of our products is soft and elegant and of a unique natural texture, and looks pretty and pleasant. 4. They are waterproof, of high strength, non-flammable and non-fragile. Our products can be used to replace some of plastic products, ceramic products, as well as household appliances which are closely associated with daily life. We open a new generation of household and tableware products. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life and the environment. We cater for people's demands of various environmentally-friendly products. Our products fully embody our sense of responsibility to the society and our persistent pursuit of environmental protection. We will always do our best to develop more better plant fiber products in order to protect our planet.