Anyang Chunyang Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.

Anyang Chunyang Metallurgical Refractories Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturing factory specialized in ferroalloy products for more than 15 years. Our factory occupies 40 acres, including 4 lines of CaSi alloy, 4 lines of alloy cored wire etc. Since 2004, we have established close cooperation relationships with Anyang Institute of Technology in the survey and research of refining technology. Every year excellent graduates are selected to work as apprentices in our factory, many of whom become members of our R&D team eventually. Under the leadership of the professional executives, we have formed our excellent QA and Foreign Trade Marketing Team. Our main products contain CaSi alloy, high nitrogen ferrochrome, ferroalloy cored wire and other products. Some of the products, particularly, are manufactured through special refining technology and process in consequence of high quality and standard, which own their special features. For example: distinctive CaSi alloy a. the content of other impurities such as C,S,P,Al are reduced to the least. b. It is pulverization resistance and less likely to be deliquesced. c. the content of Ca and Si can be controlled as required. CaSi cored wire a.It not only contains the advantages of CaSi we mentioned above, but also has other attractive points. b.It is highly pure with strengthened sheath for high quality steel production. c.It is customer-oriented with different specifications, all adjustable to customer's special demands. high nitrogen ferrochrome a. It is of high content of nitrogen, less impurities and stable recovery rate. b. It can partly replace nickel so as to reduce the cost obviously. c. it can be applied as superior addictives in the production of high tensile. We are committed to providing our customers with fast and genuine service, quality and value. We are sure that we will be your faithful and permanent partner with our reliable reputation and keen service. We are sincerely willing to enter into business relations with you from all over the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, so as to develop and strengthen ourselves on the international stage.