Afine Chemicals Limited

***Honor: Top 100 Imp & Exp enterprises of Hangzhou in 2009 Top 100 innovation- oriented export enterprises of Hangzhou in 2008 *** We supply good service, good quality and competive prices. *** We have great enthusiasm and patience, we are conscientious and responsible. ***4 years exporting experience in chemicals, pharmaceutiucals, intermediates. *** Strong in Optical Brightener /Fluorescent brightener (OBA) for polyester, cotton, paper, plastics, and detergent, pigments, dyestuffs, carbon black and pharmaceuticals, intermediates. *** We have successful experience in international market , such as India, Europe, USA, Africa, North America, South America, South Asia, South-east Asia, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong ***Located in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China Announcement Recently there are some lawbreakers intentionally personate our company and our company brand by registering website and mail address which are very similar to ours and can be easily confused to ours. Here I need to remind all your high attentions either from buyers or from sellers. Now our company only have one company name(AFINE CHEMICALS LIMITED) , we also have only owns two official websites and E-mails posted on the webpage and other E-mails which use our mail address as their suffixes, and any other websites and E-mails all have no authorizations to represent our company. Our company will not be responsible for their actions, and we reserve the rights of investigating their law duties. Hereby, it is declared that buyers and sellers should be cautious and carefully identify first in case of being deceived. If any question or inquiry, please contact Mr.Wei Fei by Email to info&, Fax no is 0086-571-85134895. Also please note our company account as below: BENEFICIARY BANK: BANK OF CHINA, HANGZHOU QINGCHUN SUB-BRANCH ADDRESS: NO. 320 YUAN AN ROAD, HANGZHOU 310006, ZHEJIANG, CHINA SWIFT:BKCHCNBJ92C TELEX: 350236 BOCWL CN BENEFICIARY:AFINE CHEMICALS LIMITED ADD.: 6TH FLOOR, BLOCK C , 7TH BUILDING ,XIGANG XINJIE XIHU INDUSTRIAL PARK, SANDUN TOWN, HANGZHOU 310030,CHINA ACCOUNT:377958346000