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Our d & b no. 931497143. Send your email address with all communication. Please note that in addition to hotel design and construction and management; we do fully integrated resorts, CBD mixed use developments, short term, long term and permanent residential, family entertainment centers, race tracks, retail, commercial, and office complexes, marinas, ships, boats, steam locomotive, tourist railroads, full infrastructure including waste management, paving, Light Rail Transport and Swiss mono-rail transportation. Our networked associates have a proven track record on all aspects of construction and operation which includes theme park design and development. Our consortium is not only equal to the task, but far superior and without equal. Whilst we are low key we don't seek nor do we want the limelight or high profile publicity. As I may mention, with no disrespect to the hotel chain / flagged operators, our standard of operation and management is far superior to that of Hilton, Conrad, Kimpinski, Movenpick etc. Our key senior management personnel have been with us for many years having come to us from Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, HYATT, Westin and one having been the Captain of the SS Norway. The major differences we operate under are that we do not demand franchise fees, do not irrevocably lock the owner into excessive long term contracts which are not fair or equitable on both parties. We do not demand mandatory high contributions to pool sales and marketing which is ineffective by not benefiting an individual property. Each property retains its individual identity and uniqueness. Standard operating procedures are not generic but are written specifically for each property. We have a depth of senior management from the top luxury chains but who have tempered this experience with our unique culture and modus operandi. We provide hospitality from the heart, providing a more cost effective, much more efficient operation. Investment, Real Estate, Investor, Building, Hotel, Resort, Finance, Project, Land. Our service has a competitive edge on all other management companies, provides greater guest satisfaction, loyalty and repeat guests, higher staff satisfaction and stability resulting in a higher ROI for the owner. The point I emphasis, is that whilst we are most efficient, cost effective and amenable to negotiation, we are in the luxury market, do not cut corners, do not deviate from our terms and conditions nor do we drop our fees or standard Investment, Real Estate, Investor, Building, Hotel, Resort, Finance, Project, Land If an owner wishes to proceed, they must provide an up-front advance on costs to mobilize or we just do not proceed. Most sincerely yours in hospitality, Roy Propsner, Director general