Asia Aries Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company with world-class contracted manufacturing operations. We leverage our expertise and knowledge to bring our world-wide customers all the advantages of Asia, ranging from access to rapidly growing new markets to low cost, and high quality manufacturing processes. Specializing in providing a number of different products, such as memory cards (SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, CF, MSProDuo, M2, RSMMC), USB pen drives and game accessories (R4, DSTT, M3), we have obtained great success with in-depth knowledge combining Asian market's experience with good understanding of western business standards and practices. We can offer end-to-end solutions from design and production, so that our customers can enjoy shorter lead-time and faster time to market introduction. Never content to sit back, we are constantly evolving to apply our expertise to new disciplines, industry sectors and products. Moreover, we are always seeking strategic ambitious partners on the basis of mutual successes, who can leverage our knowledge to develop their opportunities.