3D Connection

Make 3D Connection Part of Your Product Development Team! www.3dconn.com3D Connection is a mechanical design and engineering services company. I work with companies looking to outsource their engineering design needs and with private inventors to bring their parts and products from concept to prototype, and finally into profitable production. 3D Connection is your source for new product development, 3D solid modeling and mechanical engineering design services. We can work together over the phone and email to design, modify and optimize your product. I will send you periodic 3D files that you can open on your computer and view in 3D exactly what we are designing as the project progresses. 3D Connection will provide you with a complete file package that will contain everything you need to have your product produced. Please call to discuss how I can help bring your idea the design skills necessary to make it a reality. About 3D Connection: In 3D Connection, you have found a mechanical design resource that immediately brings you the practical experience necessary to take your product concept quickly into the prototype and testing stage. In 3D Connection, you have found a resource that can help refine your product and move you into efficient and profitable part production and assembly. I am a mechanical engineer and have over 15 years experience in New Product Development, Research & Development and Custom Systems Design. During that time, I have gained valuable experience designing parts and assemblies for production by plastic injection molding, CNC machining and sheet metal construction. I am also familiar with many of the different rapid prototyping processes and materials. Put my experience and creativity to work for your product development team. Together, we will drive your idea into profitable production.